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Friday 26 October

OPEN FROM 12h00 - 01h00

Opening at Midday, the afternoon and early evening will be filled with Live Roots reggae, followed by pure New Orleans, the Dixie Swingers.

As evening approaches, the tempo is increased with The Nomadic Orkestra, a high voltage party band. At 10.30pm

The Brahaus Beer Hall goes into lounge mode, art on the screens with seating for 250. From 10pm, a full-rig dance-floor will open up in the Salsa room, the party carries on there !!!

Saturday 27 October

OPEN FROM 11h00 - 02h00

Saturday in The Brahaus has a different feel during the day, starting with a marvelous blues band, followed by a full-on 7 piece traditional German Oompa band blazing away all day.

As with Friday, as evening approaches, the music gets more serious, with a stomping Rockabilly band followed by Rumspringer,

Cape Town’s new Electroswing sensation. From 10pm, a full-rig dance-floor will open up in the Salsa room, the party carries on there !!!


Expect Roast Beasts to gourmet pies, regiments of sausages and fresh breads, cakes, hand-made sweets and fresh chops off the braai !!


Expect a HUGE range of Craft Beers and Micro-Brewers, from hand-made gins and Ciders, Bloody Mary stalls, Jeigermeister gals, to Vineyards and Witblitz !!


Nomadic Orchestra

The band makes high-energy dance music strongly influenced by Klezmer, gypsy, circus music and contemporary western party music.


The slamming 1920's Electroswing band with deep electro beats, a tinge of Balkan with a front-line holding sax, trumpet and trombone.

Crimson House Blues Band

South Africa's dirtiest blues band, most eclectic bluegrass band, and ball outs Rock band all rolled into one epic live performance.

Rat Rod Cats

Original rockabilly band to emerge from the Dirty South (Africa). If old school rock 'n roll blows your skirt up then this if for you!